16 Sep

Breakfast as sharing moment


Just like home is the translation into English of the Italian logo, Come a Casa, and it holds true. At Mare Indaco the hospitality offered by Angela is exceptional. The location is just a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea, around Punta Braccetto, where the sand is a golden shade and the sunshine permeates the exotic surrounding vegetation. The accommodation is very good. Angela prepares her own marmalades and jams, and the croissants and cakes are all made from scratch! Anyone seeking a place off the beaten path will find comfort and nature at Mare Indaco. Tripadvisor

The time of morning awakening should be the most important thing for you to start your day, and that’s why we at Mare Indaco try in every way for this to happen in the best way.

Breakfast is everything, is not only a series of actions to prepare a table and try to fill the stomachs of customers, it is something beyond, a ritual, in which we put body and soul but above all our passion. Starting with the small details like the color of the napkins, the chairs, the table, plants and more, to create an atmosphere more than one and that it can give to our guest the emotions of sharing and happiness. An issue that is very dear to us is that of sharing, defined as time to share the pleasure of being together, the pleasure of sharing a smile, a chat, the pleasure of sharing opinions, ideas, the pleasure of sharing emotions, the pleasure of sharing moments of happiness and sadness, like a big family.

  • The location: the breakfast is done all in veranda, outdoor, in our large wooden table strictly together. The roof is also wood helps to create an atmosphere of serenity and warmth. As nature lovers and its treatment, we are constantly looking for plants and herbs that can make the breakfast experience even more pleasant smell also, you will find cactuses, many varieties of aromatic plants indigenous to the territory of Ragusa and a multitude of ornamental plants. Il piacere di condividere
  • Jams: you will find more than 15 types of jams organic fruit, home owners in fact over the 4 seasons also neglect to provide the best fruit (most comes from our large organic garden) to produce not a vast amount, but of higher quality. Another feature is the combination of different types of fruit, the most sought after by our customers are the strawberry and orange, strawberries and mandarin, strawberries and figs and many more.marmellate
  • Cakes: the owner and chef of Mare Indaco, guarantees every morning a different type of home-made cake, according to recipes handed down through generations. The more good, choosen by you are the cake with orange (see photo below), jam tarts, tarts with ricotta cheese, the cake sponge cake with ricotta fresh, tarts with custard topped with a bed of fruit and many others.Torta e marmellate
  • The fresh orange juice: Unlike most hotels, the orange juice served on our table is the real one, made with Sicilian oranges, oranges harvested from our garden and our local ones. From November until April, the period of harvesting oranges, we create our pantry squeezed orange juice that is stored in the refrigerators.IMG_1272.JPG


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